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CCSNPC Recognizes Tamara Soloman as an “Outstanding Partner Enroller”

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Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council is honored to recognize Tamara Solomon as an “Outstanding Partner Enroller” and acknowledge her work in the service of families and as a member of the St. Mary’s Community Center Public Benefits’ “Dream Team”. Ms. Soloman has worked on the  Campaign project since the beginning in July 2014 as a part-time enrollment assistor. She along with Ruth Duran-Deffley and Angela Dailey accounted for 22.2% (339) of all 1,527 children the Mayor’s Campaign provided application assistance for from July 2014-December 2015. In 2016, St. Mary’s accounted for 27.7% (281) of 1,015 children applied for in Chatham County.

Since July 2016 through February 2017, Ms. Soloman stepped up to become the sole, full-time public benefits specialist. During that time, she personally assisted 87 families apply for children’s health insurance for a total of 189 kids and has helped many more people enroll in public benefits programs like SNAP & CAPS. She also coached other St.Mary’s staff to help support public benefits enrollment while being devoted to her clients and successfully handling their cases. In short, committed to our community, Ms. Soloman serves joyfully those in need.

Lisa Hayes, Executive Director, and Ms. Eva Elmer, Campaign Manager, presented the Certificate of Recognition and a gift card to Ms. Soloman at the Safety Net Full Council Meeting on March 28th, 2017.