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Dental Care Treatment Sites

Curtis V. Cooper Dental Clinic Hours:

Peter Brasseler Dental Clinic Hours:

Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic:

Phoenix Clinic Dental Service Hours:

If you are uninsured, you may choose to contact one of the following:

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care
106 E. Broad Street
Savannah, GA
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Peter Brasseler Clinic
107 Fahm Street,
Savannah, GA
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Services are provided at a discounted price to qualifying homeless patients who present with an approved Union Mission homeless and income verification form. Form must be signed by an approved entity and dated for the date of service.   All dental work provided to the homeless is performed by volunteer dentists which allows for limited availability of appointments.

Uninsured persons with limited income may qualify for discounted services based on a "sliding scale fee schedule. "  To determine eligibility, you will need picture ID and proof of income.

Eligibility is based on household income and patients must bring ONE of the following to the dental center to determine if they are eligible:
  • Current year's tax form (1040 form)
  • 2 current pay stubs
  • 1 unemployment stub
  • Letter from employer on letterhead that states your salary or wage
  • Fixed Income Statement (example: pension, social security or bank statement showing deposits)
  • Signed and notarized personal letter verifying financial status, housing situation, and how you cover expenses
  • Letter on Agency letterhead verifying financial status (example: Housing Authority)
  • Student Grant Information
  • Office of Public Assistance benefit printout (food stamp benefit history)
  • If you are self employed, tax forms from current year and a profit and loss statement

In order to access the Sliding Fee Scale Discount, you must provide one of the above listed items as proof of your financial status. If none of the above are available unfortunately you will be unable to receive the Sliding Fee Scale Discount and will have to pay full price for any dental services rendered. No fees can be provided until appropriate documents are received. All payment is due at the time services are rendered. Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, All Credit Cards except American Express, Debit Cards, and Money Order. No Personal Checks.

Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic
in Savannah Technical College's Dental Assisting Clinic and Laboratory
(912) 429-8368
5717 White Bluff Road, Goodman Hall, Rm 2106
Savannah, GA
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By appointment only.

Children ages 3 to 18 who do not currently have dental insurance and who meet certain eligibility guidelines are welcome. Those with Medicaid/PeachCare are not eligible. The patients must meet the income requirements to qualify for care, which is a maximum of up to 200% of the 2008 federal poverty guidelines.

The Phoenix Clinic
(912) 231-0123
525 E. 34th Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Bus Route: 12 Henry
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The Phoenix Clinic provides care to persons living with HIV/AIDS. To determine eligibility for services, you will need: Proof of HIV status, Proof of residency, Proof of income and a Picture ID. Services are provided through funding from the Ryan White Care Act. We accept Medicaid.

The Phoenix Clinic provides transportation services to and from medical appointments for clients who are ineligible for Medicaid transportation.

If you are currently receiving Medicaid or PeachCare, you are encouraged to contact your Managed Care Dental Organization, through the following customer service numbers:

Amerigroup members: (800) 608-9563
Wellcare members: (800) 516-9615