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To request a free SuicideTALK at your organization, click here.

SuicideTALK is a 30-90 minute awareness-raising discussion of suicide, led by an ASIST trainer and offered free to any Chatham County organization.

SuicideTALK participants learn:

  • How suicide is a serious community health issue that is often misunderstood
  • How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety
  • How to take the first steps towards suicide prevention
  • How to protect, preserve, and promote life in their communities

Watch the live suicideTALK Webinar recording from July 18th, 2018:

SuicideTALK is a program developed by LivingWorks

Explore and share the resources:

If you are having thoughts of suicide or need immediate assistance, please call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225