Health care can be a difficult puzzle. We work as one to put the pieces
together for Chatham County and for you.

All Providers

Chatham CARE Center

The Chatham CARE Center is part of the Chatham County Health Department, and is dedicated to the health needs of those living with HIV/AIDS.

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Chatham County Health Department

The Chatham County Health Department offers the following services: Immunizations (children and adults), Women’s Health Services (including birth control), Pregnancy testing, Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and services, TB Testing and treatment, Children’s Special Services, Adolescent Health and Youth Development, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and Environmental Health.

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Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, Inc.

The Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Inc. is a private not for profit corporation serving Chatham County. Curtis V. Cooper is a committed, competent and affordable primary and preventive health care service provider. They have been providing primary and preventive healthcare services to Chatham County since 1974.  Currently serving Savannah-Chatham County, Bryan (Pembroke) and accepting patients from all area counties.

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Gateway Community Service Board

Gateway Community Service Board provides mental health, substance use, and developmental disability services to adults, adolescents, and children.

Chatham County Developmental Disabilities Clubhouse provides community integration for adults (ages 18 & up). There are also 7 Chatham County group health homes providing community living supports to adults (ages 18 & up) with developmental disabilities.

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Good Samaritan Clinic

St. Joseph/Candler’s Good Samaritan Clinic serves residents without health insurance. The staff at the Good Samaritan Clinic is comprised of volunteer doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, Spanish speaking medical interpreters, and clerical workers. Each staff member is trained to provide quality healthcare to patients.

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HUGS (Heads-Up Guidance Services)

HUGS (Heads-Up Guidance Services) is a faith-based, non-profit organization, making both professional counseling & vocational guidance available and affordable to all who desire growth & independence. Their compassionate staff is committed to a comprehensive approach, offering many opportunities for social rehabilitation and community integration.

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J. C. Lewis Primary Health Care Center

J.C. Lewis Primary Health Care Center provides comprehensive primary health care at a discounted price for those who qualify. The center provides all required primary, preventative, enabling health services as well as comprehensive behavioral health services. The adjacent Dental Center provides preventative, restorative and emergency oral health services.  Pediatric care is offered at our office in midtown.  Currently serving patients from the Savannah-Chatham County and surrounding areas.

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MedBank Prescription Assistance

MedBank helps eligible patients access large pharmaceutical company Patient Assistance Programs to obtain free medications. Referrals are accepted from physicians, hospitals and social service agencies by fax or mail. MedBank also operates on site services at several area clinics.

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Rebirth Holistic Women’s Health

GeorgAnna Wiley APRN, CNM, MSN, APRN, WHNP, BSN, BA, CPM of Rebirth Holistic Women’s Health, has 20+ years experience integrating traditional medicine with natural remedies in gentle, trauma informed healthcare, while helping women heal from trauma, release shame, and love themselves.

Ms. Wiley offers affordable holistic gynecology and primary care to un-/under-insured, underserved, marginalized women, free workshops on empowerment, sex education, shame release, healing, self care, and consent to build community and self-love.



Recovery Place, Inc.

Recovery Place, Inc. is a CARF accredited substance abuse and behavioral health treatment provider located in Savannah. They provide a comprehensive array of cost-effective services including: detoxification, individual and family counseling, relapse prevention, dual diagnosis treatment, evening and morning outpatient programs, day treatment, and a residential program.

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Savannah Technical College Dental Clinic

Savannah Technical College students provide services to the public in some programs in conjunction with coursework. Please understand that student services are in an educational environment and may take longer than similar services provided by non-educational service providers.

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Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic

Savannah Volunteer Dental Clinic is a dedicated group of volunteers from the dental community seeking to provide the unmet dental needs in vulnerable populations.
Services are for children ages 3-18, not covered by Federal, State, or private dental insurance and who meet income eligibility requirements.

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St. Mary’s Community Center – Vision Clinic

Free Eye Clinic at St. Mary’s Community Center (NOT located in the St. Mary’s Health Center) is offered once a month or by appointment.

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St. Mary’s Health Center

St. Joseph/Candler’s St. Mary’s Health Center treats people who do not have insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid. They give them a medical home where SJ/C physicians volunteer their time and the nurses work to find affordable or free medications.

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