Health care can be a difficult puzzle. We work as one to put the pieces
together for Chatham County and for you.


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HIV Testing services are available at these locations:

Chatham CARE Center
107 B Fahm St. Savannah
(912) 651-2253

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Care Center (two locations)
2 Roberts St., Savannah
(912) 527-1100
106 E. Broad St., Savannah
(912) 527-1000

J.C. Lewis Primary Health Care Center
120 Fahm St., Savannah
(912) 927-5271

Phoenix Project of Union Mission
520 E. 34th St., Savannah
(912) 231-1971

Savannah State University
Counseling Center, Savannah
(912) 358-3129

The Chatham CARE Center

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The Chatham CARE Center is part of the Chatham County Health Department, and is dedicated to the health needs of those living with HIV/AIDS.

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