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Trauma-Sensitive Interactions (TSI)

Trauma-Sensitive Interactions (TSI) is a 2.5-3-hour evidence-informed training in creating a trauma-sensitive environment. This workshop draws on work and research of the evidence-based course Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven® , the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care (NCTIC).

Learning objectives include: 

  • Build an understanding of trauma and its impact on a person
  • Describe “The Window of Tolerance” and why it matters
  • Explain the principles of a trauma-sensitive environment
  • Explore evidence-based resources for trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed practices


To bring a TSI training, online or in-person, to your organization, please contact Vira Salzburn, Program Director, at

These programs are supported and funded by
the City of Savannah and the Pittulloch Foundation

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