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Community Organizations to Receive State of Hope Funding

Atlanta, GA – The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) today announced the newest batch of State of Hope sites. The 26 selected sites will receive technical assistance and funding from DHS’ Division of Family and Children Services to invest in safety nets that ensure Georgia’s children and families are safe, thriving, and full of hope.

“We were thrilled by the volume of ideas submitted this year and to be able to offer funding to a record-breaking number of organizations,” said LaMarva Ivory, DHS’ Deputy Commissioner for External Affairs. “These hope-givers make our communities stronger and more nurturing. We look forward to seeing their continued, positive impact on Georgians’ safety and success.”

The 2022 awardees [including the Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council] comprise nonprofits spanning 13 regions of the state. View the full list and project summaries here. Since its 2018 launch, State of Hope has supported more than 300 organizations, all of which remain in the Hope Ecosystem, where they continue to connect, learn, and collaborate to create family-centered support systems.

What is State of Hope?

State of Hope is an initiative that seeks to encourage nonprofits, philanthropies, government, businesses and communities to collaborate closely to build local safety nets that will prevent conditions that contribute to disparities in education, threaten a family’s self-sufficiency and could lead to child abuse and neglect.

Our ultimate vision is having 14 Regions of Hope across Georgia. This could be one or multiple sites/projects in each region.

To learn more about State of Hope, visit For general questions, or to be added to the State of Hope mailing list, please email

Source: Georgia Department of Human Services, Published November 10, 2022