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Savannah Philanthropic Partners donates $50,000 to Safety Net Planning Council

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – A program aimed at making a difference for young people at risk for suicide getting a show of support from women in the community today.

Women, children and mental health – that’s the focus of the Savannah Philanthropic Partners…guiding how they make one big donation each year.

This year, the group is sending their $50,000 donation to Chatham County Safety Net Planning council.

The group was founded by four women just three years ago…and now includes 41 women…all who do a lot of work to make sure their donation has the greatest impact possible.

“We all decided that instead of diving up the $50,000, we wanted to have one large sum going to a non-profit that would make a big difference,” said Jean Ahrens, the founder of Savannah Philanthropic Partners.

The Safety Net Planning Council runs several programs – including trauma-sensitive yoga and Front Porch ACTS for at-risk youth.

Those are all offered at no cost to the community.

Source: WTOC, Published: Jan. 10, 2023